Norman Reedus arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles
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sits awkwardly and feels like the only bethyl shipper who doesn’t dislike carol

See, my disliking of Carol has NOTHING to do with Beth or my liking of Bethyl. My laundry list of why I don’t like Carol is so long and it’s takes a while before it even has anything to do with Daryl…

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What exactly is Carol supposed to be the queen of?

Ruining shit, being condescending, unwanted advances, murder, bad stuff happening to kids in her care… Not agreeing with Rick…

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Fanfic: Curiosity, Walking Dead | FanFiction 

I like this fic…

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↖ This blogger is immeasurably stoked to see the reunion between Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene. 

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truegodofthearena asked:
Any heads up for where and when we can find the premiere goodness tomorrow?

I don’t know! I’m sure there will be a live feed, but I’m not certain! What say you my more knowledgable brethren?

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Anonymous asked:
I saw a selfie on Instagram a fan took with emily at lax airport so nothing to fear lol she's in LA

Awesome! Idk… I feel like it wasn’t a party plane but most of the cast either flew out on the same flight or within the same time.

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Anonymous asked:
yeah but he didn't just say chocolate, he said DELICIOUS chocolate. daryl thinks beth's delicious pass it on


Basically when they have sex it’s going to be the hottest thing ever is what I’m getting out of that quote because like Beth is delicious and he’s going to eat her up like she’s the last good thing on earth.

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I have to admit after seeing the Beth, Rick and Judith scenes in the flashbacks at the end of season 4, I couldn't help but picture a jealous Daryl lol

Awww… Daryl being jealous makes me sad lol I would hate it if he was jealous… Not a fan of that… Maybe now he’d get kinda huffy about Beth being like that, but hopefully she wouldn’t get mad at him (I hate it when fics have her do that) or tease him about it (hate that as well) hopefully she wouldn’t be aware that he was feeling that way and kinda reassure him but she wouldn’t realize that she was reassuring him but he felt better after and realized he didn’t have to be upset over it.

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