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Anonymous asked: As an outside observer/non-shipper who happens to follow a number of bethylers I agree totally with your stance against passive aggressiveness. You guys have been generally civil this whole time and you need to stay that way, it's very refreshing as opposed to the blatant hate and bitterness coming from the other ship. Also you are so right about Bethylers needing to STOP PANICKING about every little thing. A lot of bethylers need to tune up their bullshit radars and grow thicker skin.


Thank you so much! It can just all get so exhausting, in my opinion. I just really really don’t want people to fine tune their abilities to make … strong [??] posts in that matter, because it solves absolutely nothing and does way more harm than good.

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Anonymous asked: On the spoilthedead website someone has a quote from Yvette Brown where she says that when Daryl tells C@rol to "stay safe" and C@rol replies "nine lives" that that really was Daryl saying "I love you. Stay alive for me." What the what?!! This is what is wrong with C@ryl shippers, they turn everything into a moment. Daryl farts in C@rol's presence and his fart is saying I love. Jeeze Louise.


Do NOT talk to me about Yvette. She’s a ridiculous fucking human being. And the saddest part is that she has some sort of “power” because she’s a celebrity and all she does is rile the crazies up and instigate hate towards actual actors. She needs to go away. Can’t fucking stand her. And yes, as is law, c*ryl shippers are fucking delusional. It’s why they’re so pissed off right now. Their delusions have had no pay off because THEY DON’T EXIST. 

For the record, “stay safe” literally meant: “stay safe”. Daryl had just rescued Carol from near death. He wants her to be careful so she doesn’t end up there again.

Just to add: Yvette is NO ONE. She can rant and bitch and moan about how every time that Daryl blinks it’s for Carol but she’s not on the show so her opinion does not matter. (Ahem…OUR captain, the lovely and CLASSY Lauren Cohan, IS on the show and knows the scripts. So…I’d put much more value into what she has to say. Which is that she ships it.)




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do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character

Do you mean #DarylDixon #DrReid…. yep.

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Anonymous asked: I feel the Bethyl community needs to beef up our passive-aggressive hate. The other ship has been honing their skills for 4 long years now and they're way ahead. Do you know if it's taught at community colleges, or is it just a natural byproduct of shipping delusions?


I don’t want the Bethyl community to beef up their passive-aggressive hate. I want them to tone it down. Way down. I don’t want us to be /better/ at being awful people, than the other ship. I did, once, try to enroll everyone in the school of ”For the Love of God Why Is It So Hard To Be Nice to People?” But, some people got mad that I would ever suggest such a thing - and made sure to let me know via ask box. I think the Bethyl Community needs to enroll in the school of “Just Take a Deep Breath, Already.” And subsequently not fly off the handle when there’s “hate” in the tag or “interviews” that “dispel” the ship. Do you know what I mean? Everyone needs to reeeelax for a little bit. We’ve got a long time span to be insane.

this tho!!! sometimes I lean toward passive-aggressive hate…. and then i’m not happy with my self after…. it feels good to be good. lets be good folks!!

Anonymous asked: I think it's kind of interesting that most people who now hate Beth or are hypercritical of Beth only became that way once she and Daryl were paired together and developed such a strong bond.

Which is why the hate toward her is 99.99% BS!

most of the really rude hate (if not all of it) are from shippers from the other ship, they hate Beth simply because she is a “threat” toward their ship!! And that is so fucked up. and their hate makes no damn sense! they’re hating Beth for doing things that nearly everyone on the show has done. crying, being angry, being emotionally driven about something, being tender and caring. if she was doing it on her own, she would be getting 0 hate, but bc she is with Daryl, she gets it all. and it’s not like they’re even thinking if Daryl’s best interest, they don;t care about him!!he is a prize for Carol to win, that is it, and with Beth he has matured and evolved emotionally,he’s become a better man. but they hate that and prefer him to stay emotionally stunted, depressed, and self hating. because they think that’s the only way he will be with Carol, bc she is the only one he can go to, she has control over him. But Beth changed that. and she gets hate for it. that is pathetic and fucking stupid! now you don’t have to like Beth, but come up with a better reasons for it.

Anonymous asked: What's up with all this bethyl hate in the tag? I have random people telling me that Kirkman said bethyl wouldn't happen in and interview and etc. Keep hate out of the tag, ugh.


I am seeing ZERO hate. Seriously. Zero. And even if I was seeing hate, you know what I’d do? Block and/or ignore. Simple. 

We’ve got just under six months of this to go, people. Seriously. Just..ignore it? 

Really good advice! Seriously!

Anonymous asked: its kinda sad that daryl had to be in the picture for you to really become a fan of beth. shes her own person


Its kinda sad that you don’t know anything, I really became a Beth fan because we got to see more of her in the latest episodes and got to see more of her on screen, just because those episodes featured Daryl doesn’t mean anything. I’m getting so sick of people on this website, seriously don’t try and tell me shit. Just because I ship Beth and Daryl doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the way I see Beth and her character. I analysed her scenes for enjoyment for six thousands words, I’ve looked back at her character as a whole and grown to love her. If you would have brought Beth forward with any other character I would have still grown to love her. I never really paid attention to Beth before, I didn’t care about her, I won’t lie, I didn’t care at all, but she was brought forward this season, and I got to see more of her and I truly looked at her character on a whole. Look how much I love Beth, seriously, I know she’s her own person. It has nothing to do with Daryl, she was brought forward in the episodes. Seriously I’m sick of the people on this website. Don’t come here and try and tell me how I became a fan of characters and why, it’s rude. So you know what’s sad? The fact that you’re trying to tell me how I’ve become a fan of characters in this show.

I got news for this anon, all shipping aside, if Beth had been teamed with anyone else, we would not have learned as much about her as we have! That’s just a fact! Everyone else had their own stories going on and Beth would have been kinda sidelined (not to mention they prob would not have let her do as much, they would have continued to try and shelter her) Putting her with Daryl allowed her to become her own person and step out of what we have seen this far from her. Just like of Daryl had been with any others, we would not have learned a lot about him, let alone him opening up so much. They HAD to paired off, because they work well and it works. People do realize that up until this point we never saw that much of Beth and could only base what we felt about her with little things. For me? I liked Beth in S3… We only saw her a few times but she was a member of Team Prison so I liked her! But we never saw anymore. Anon is redic and is trying to cause trouble. So screw them!


Am I the only one wanting a Beth Greene action figure?

YES!!! I need one… I have the Daryl on his motorcycle action figure, need Beth to ride on the back of his… Also a POP! One would be so cute!!!


Daryl isn’t arrogant….

"I think like an american, act like a canadian, and dress like an englishmen."

He’s gorgeous…

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laxmorales replied to your post: Forget about the hair Masa, look at the tongue and the beard! Jezuzzzzz.

I’m going nuts, Birdie.

Flipping cutie!!!! GAH!!!!

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normily + season premiere interviews

Love this…. Also I can’t wait for the S5 premiere!!