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if i might jump in, i think that daryl didn’t see sec as important at all. but now with beth, she’s broken down so many walls of his and i think that he will start to ponder it, esp since beth would want that at some point.maybe.

You can always jump in!

And this makes a lot of sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.  That sex was just something you did - maybe when you were drunk and bored, or to get your older brother off your back because he’s bugging you about the last time you got laid - but nothing important.  Beth threw him for one hell of a loop, on a lot of different levels, so if they do get involved, I can see this being a real possibility.

I like this, this good.

I mean of course we have to wait and see, but I’m kinda leaning toward that. Simply because no one in his life treated him the way Beth has and I think it’s awakened a part of him. I mean I don’t only think it, others do. Their relationship is very complex and very sweet and innocent and I really love that. I feel like no matter where it goes (although I feel full blown romance) it’ll keep that. It’ll be passionate and amazing, but it will stay sweet and kinda awkward. I feel like tv is missing that sort of relationship. Esp between a big tough guy and a nice young lady. For one of the first times /he’s/ the uncertain and shy one. I can’t wait. And I’ll wAit however long it takes. So long as they’re alive and in each other’s lives in some manner, I’ll be happy.

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so now when i go in the pet store and see a turtle i will cry lol

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saywhatjenn asked:
C@ryl <insert maniacal laugh>

(insert all other things that mean i do not like this) my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay I ship it hard OTP

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There’s this whole new group of Bethyl ‘cool kids’. We’ve been left behind, y’all.

what… what? i thought I was in the cool kids group!? dag nabit… 

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I’m bad at tagging also my brain stopped working after that reedus vid so um… anyone who wants to do this can!!

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Norman’s making all other men’s jobs harder tbh… Like fo real though… How ya gonna compete with that!?

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C’mon… Take a moment and look at what was said. He was saying they wouldn’t address “Daryl being gay” which in all honesty I think literally means that, they’re not bringing it up because there is nothing to bring up! Also don’t forget what he told Larry King… So just everyone chill!

They’re not doing all of this stuff with Daryl and Beth simply to make nothing happen, what would be the point?



I’m so proud of the Bethyl fandom, you guys.

I mean, we’ve been told time and time again, that we’re seeing things, reading too much into scenes, that there wasn’t any growth, that our favorite characters didn’t actually connect, etc.

But all the commentary essentially proved all that wrong.

Like, CAN I GET A HELL YEAH.   We know these characters so well, that we can look at their scenes together, and understand the profound intimacy between the two of them.  And it may not be romantic yet, but it’s 100% true that Daryl hasn’t ever connected on this particular level with anyone else, and the actors and producers have straight up said it.  (To me personally, that deep connection is far more important than the actual romance…but romance is nice too, and literally I’m so certain we’re going to get it.  Eventually.  I can feel it in my damn bones.  It’s going to be awkward and strange and sweet in its own way, and AUGH.  I’m just so relieved and happy.)  We NAILED EVERYTHING.  From understanding that Daryl’s shame of his life kept him from doing drugs, to knowing Beth’s independence and drive kept the both of them going, that she’s not immature and weak and naive.

And it’s that understanding of who the characters fundamentally are that keeps this ship going, because I’m completely serious when I say that if I didn’t think Daryl and Beth were good for each other, or had any kind of draw to one another, I sure as shit wouldn’t ship them.  But they’re so good for each other, and it’s thanks to the unbelievable writers and actors, for creating and molding such great characters and plots, that we can have something like this to analyze, that we know we’re not “reading into things.”

I just want to pat all y’all lil smartie pants on your heads. 

Good job. 

Gold stars for everyone.

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Send me your NOTP  


my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

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Yep she says Bethyl. And he says yeah after, which could just be part of his next sentence or it could be “yeah” as in “yeah bethyl” lol

They’re all shippers… I mean I guess they’d have to be bc they created it and are acting it, writing it, directing it… Gosh this is fun.

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